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What is Polished Concrete?

Do you need polished concrete in your building?

Concrete polishing is aimed at achieving the desired smoothness and shine. Just like sandpaper that comes in different colours, sizes and styles, concrete diamond abrasive are available in many grits.

The coarser, or lower the grit, the more aggressive it would be. Concrete grinding is the act of grinding down concrete surface using metal bond diamond abrasives.

Steps to Polishing Concrete

The first step would be to identify or evaluate the condition of the surface. The hardness of the concrete can be determined with concrete hardness tester.


Prepare the surface

Preparing the surface means that you must remove all existing coatings and sealers. Fill / repair any surface cracks. Engage yourself with floor grinding process if the floor has very little coating or only minor blemishes.


Are you looking for high quality polished concrete?Start to polish

You can start to polish the floor. Depending on the condition of the area, this involves three to four-step processes.


Apply a liquid chemical hardener

When you are done performing the initial grinding, the next step would be to apply a liquid chemical to the concrete. To a large extent, this will solidify the surface and also protect it from staining and water penetration.


Protecting Polished Concrete

After getting the polish and look you are striving for, the next thing would be to protect the surface through the help of a commercial stain-guard product like chemicals, oil, or grease. These solutions have a great effect on the floor; they penetrate it and make it more resistant to dirt and stain absorption. Usually, they are applied by wax applicator or pump sprayer.

Why you should hardened concrete

It is important to harden your concrete. When you polish a concrete floor, it will have a better life expectancy better than other kinds of flooring. Tile may last for more than 20 years, but a polished floor that is properly maintained for over 100 years.

Make sure you clean every liquid spills as fast as you can. Below are some of the simple, easy yet low-cost maintenance tips that will surely keep your floor in top shape, have your concrete floors shining and impress potential clients. Check out this polished concrete Melbourne company and they will be able to help get you your concrete polished. . If you follow these principles, you will see that your floor will remain in shape for a reasonable period of time.

  • After polishing the floor, ensure that the stain / sealer were given enough time to cure. That means, you shouldn’t allow water to touch the floor for at least 3 days.
  • The aim of covering the floor is to protect it. Don’t tape anything to the floor or apply tape.
  • Engage yourself with daily dust mopping- this helps to remove the fine dust and grit.
  • Use water and cleaner while cleaning a polished floor. Don’t use dirty water; else it will have a dangerous effect on the floor.
  • Never use any acid based cleaners or degreaser. Always go through the label, so as to confirm its ingredients. This will ultimately reduce the gloss.
  • When you are using auto scrubber or a buffer, try as much as possible to use a beige pad or white pad or soft bristle brush, and finally
  • Never wax a polished floor; waxing a polished concrete floor will end up voiding all warranties.